What is the Difference Between Deodorant and Antiperspirant?

An anti-perspirant product reduces perspiration keeping you dry and fresh and should only be sprayed under your arms. On the other hand, deodorant keeps you fresh by primarily masking any odour relating to perspiration. Both products end up at a similar conclusion – keeping you smelling fresh all day – and Shower to Shower offers both products to choose from.

Choose an antiperspirant like Shower to Shower Confident Me if you are heading to the gym or facing a busy day. This product will keep you dry, fresh and confident throughout your active day.

Choose Shower to Shower Fresh Morning Deodorant if you want to smell and feel great. This product will give you that just showered freshness with up to 48 hours of protection from odour.

5 Fitness Tips for the whole Family

It goes without saying that keeping the whole family moving is important for all round health. Parents who encourage an active lifestyle assist their children by forming healthy habits for the future.
Here are four ways to integrate fitness into your family life for the benefit of everyone, young and old.

  • Set the tone by committing to certain active endeavours and setting healthy habits in place.
  • It’s no easy feat juggling the ‘family’ calendar so on days that you’re not able to take the time for a walk, choose simple fun activities that can be done at home.
  • When it comes to weekend planning, why not invite your friends or extended family to an active outing like a walk for a catch-up session.
  • Add in healthy habit prizes by setting a challenge where family members can ‘compete’ against each other for an active pack filled with activity books, water bottles, energy bars and of course Shower to Shower personal care products

Considerations when buying bodywash

When it comes to body wash, people are usually looking for something soft, nourishing and moisturising – especially in the winter months.  When it comes to finding the right product for you, take your time to select a product that will serve you and your skin well.

Here are four considerations to keep in mind when buying bodywash. All our products are PH balanced and are enriched with tissue oil and multi-vitamins.

  • Always look out for pH balanced body washes as these products reduce symptoms of dry and irritated skin avoiding sensitivity.
  • Choosing the right formula for your skin can be tricky but knowing that all Shower to Shower body wash products are enriched with Tissue Oil and multi-vitamins makes the decision that much easier.
  • Try and stick to products with natural and herbal ingredients as they create magic when it comes to softening dry, flaky skin, keeping your skin feeling smooth and supple all day.
  • The packaging of the product should always be user friendly, have great texture, be leak-proof, water-proof and portable


#SelfCareSunday is an opportunity to take time to care for yourself and to refuel your mental, emotional, and physical health. #SelfCareSunday activities are a great way to improve your mood and reduce any anxiety.

Here are four productive and healthy activities for #SelfCareSunday:

– Turn your phone, television, iPad and even your smart watch off! Disconnecting is key to reconnecting with yourself

– Nature has a fantastic calming effect and assists in reigniting positive feelings and releasing tension

– Be it a revitalizing shower or a long soak in the bath, Shower to Shower products are all enriched with tissue oil and contain multi-vitamins that will leave you feeling reinvigorated.  With its mild fragrance, caring tissue oils endorsement by dermatologists, Shower to Shower’s Sensitive bodywash ensures a gentle yet refreshing experience

– We often assume that self-care is a solo activity, however, it doesn’t have to be. Going out with friends can have a major impact on your health and well-being.

Caring for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be tricky to navigate as there are so many different products on the market. It’s important to choose products that are specially formulated to be gentle on the skin.

Here are four tips to care for your sensitive skin no matter the season:

– Avoid making your bath or shower too hot. If your bath or shower is too hot it can further draw moisture from your skin.

– Not all products are equal when it comes to caring for dry skin. The dermatologist endorsed Shower To Shower Sensitive Shower Gel is a pH balanced formulation that leaves your skin wonderfully soft and smooth. With a mild fragrance, caring tissue oils and no added colourants, this body wash ensures a gentle yet refreshing shower experience.

– Sunscreen is important, even in winter! Avoid damage to the skin on your face and body by applying an SPF daily.

– Moisturise from the inside out: You may remember to hydrate your skin but don’t forget to keep your water intake up.

Declutter your bathroom

If there’s one area of the house that remains a den of hoarded items, it’s the bathroom cabinet. Products you swore you needed, expired medicine, hair ties and bands, a foot spa you bought 10 years ago and have never used. It’s all there.

Taking time to declutter your bathroom will leave it looking cleaner, your daily routines will be smoother, and you’ll enjoy a sense of accomplishment every time you step into your clutter-free space.

Here are four decluttering tips to get you started:

– The easiest way to part with products in your cluttered bathroom is to check the expiry date. You’ll be shocked to learn how many items are out of date.

– Find fun, space-maximising and innovative storage solutions that will suit your taste and budget making products easier to find, and your cupboards more orderly.

– Take the time to completely clear your bathroom counters and make space for necessary items in the cabinet and cupboards below. Clear surfaces are easier on the eye and promote a more peaceful environment

– Adopt a ‘6 month test’. For every item you pull out, ask yourself, “Have I used this item or product in the past 6 months?’ If the answer is no, then it’s time for it to go!