48Hr Protection

Shower to Shower anti-perspirant sprays and roll-ons will keep your underarms dry and fresh for up to 48 hours.

All Day Freshness

For that just showered, fresh feeling. Shower to Shower products help to keep you fresh and confident all day long.

Personal Care Solution

Shower to Shower’s multi benefit personal care range of roll-ons, deodorants, body washes and hand washes are all formulated to leave you feeling shower fresh and rejuvenated.

About Us

Shower to Shower is at the forefront of freshness and confidence with a range of multi-benefit personal care products, including roll-ons, deodorants, body washes and hand washes that deliver a fresh, clean and confident feeling from one shower to the next.

Start Fresh. Stay Fresh.

The Shower to Shower women’s range gives ladies the confidence they needs to take on anything that life throws at them, and the freedom to enjoy it.

The products from Shower to Shower Men take Fresh to the Extreme. They offer modern men fresh fragrances and extreme 48-hour protection.

The Shower to Shower body wash range, includes a dermatologist endorsed Sensitive variant, to invigorate and rejuvenate skin as it gently cleanses. With a pH balanced formulation, a combination of tissue oils, uplifting fragrances and enriching multivitamins, this range is market leading.

Get Fresh

A fresh and informative section where you can learn more about our products, get personal care tips and tricks and understand why we recommend Shower to Shower

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